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The Art of Making a Prepper Notebook

By Alec Sharp (Palmetto Prepper)


I find myself spending hours at the computer downloading, coping and pasting information into “documents” to refer to later. It seems that there is so much information on the internet and I want it all!

After I had all these wonderful documents saved to my computer I had a massive computer failure and lost it all. I was young (in my mind) and dumb and did not have any of it saved on a flash drive or printed out. This made me wonder, “What if we had an EMP or an extended power failure, how would I ever remember how to make homemade washing powder?” That is when I decided to make a Prepper Notebook.

This Prepper Notebook is different from your library of book you have been collecting. Every seasoned prepper I know has a collection of books on gardening, wilderness survival, cooking, sewing, animal husbandry, plant identification, wild edibles, and nutrition and so on. In the notebook you keep quick reference material and topics of interest that isn’t book length or might only be found in article found on the internet in amazing blogs like the one you are reading now.

To start off with you will need a good 4 inch heavy duty 3 ring binder, plastic paper insert clear sheets protectors and a pack of dividers with tabs. If you can find these items on sale I would buy several because these notebooks will fill up fast.

Next take your tabs and mark the following titles on them. You can add to this basic list later, but these are the ones you will want to start with.

– Preparedness Supply List
– Food storage Info.
– Recipes Using Food Storage
– Homemade Versions of Store Bought Items
– Wild Edibles
– Health Care Info.
– DIY Direction

By having these tabs already in your notebook you will find yourself searching the internet for great articles to place in your notebook. As your notebook grows you will find yourself adding lots of additional tabs.

When the power goes out and you have to adjust to life without Google you will be happy that you printed out your favorite recipes using all those jars of food you canned over the years.

Have fun and get searching!