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Cash is King: Keeping Cash on Hand for Emergencies

By Alec Sharp (Palmetto Prepper)

There is a lot of information out there today about “prepping” which is really nothing more than following the old Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”.  In everyday life there are many things that we might be prepping for that we did not even know would come up.

There are moments in life that will change everything and shake things up for you.  It may be the loss of a job, a positive pregnancy test that you were not trying for or a natural disaster.  Not all unexpected events are negative, but they are all unexpected and that is why we “prep” or prepare in advance for what life has in store for us.

One of the first step in preparing for the unexpected is to have a solid emergency fund in place.  An emergency fund is money that you have set aside that will allow you the freedom to take care of these unexpected emergencies.

In a real emergency such as a large winter storm or anything that could cause a prolonged power outage where debit or credit cards would be completely useless, having cash on hand could be a game changer.  Not all emergency would make these types of financial transactions impossible, but we need to prepare for the worse so I strongly recommend having cash on hand.

I recommend keeping cash in small denominations in both a home safe as well as a bug-out bag.  Most people don’t carry much cash anymore so if the SHTF you will be one of the few who will have cash to purchase items like gas, food, water or other supplies that you might need.  Hopefully as a prepper, you already have most or all of these things stored at you home.

My goal is to have a three months’ supply of cash on hand.  This should be enough to keep my family with enough cash to make the house payment, buy groceries, paying bills and generally living life while I try to get ahead of the moment that has shaking up my life.  I recommend starting with about $100 in small and medium sized bills (nothing larger than a $20) and work up from there.  When you have a spare five or ten dollar bill at the end of the week add it to your stash.  It will add up faster than you think.  Good luck and happy prepping.

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