Successful Prepping on $10 A Week

By: Alec Sharp (Palmetto Prepper)

Several years ago I was minding my own business watching TV and a crazy show called “Doomsday Preppers” came on the screen. I watch about a half an hour of those weird people before turning it off. But the concept of the show sparked an interest in the back of my mind and got me thinking about the safety of my own family. I really started wondering if they would be taken care of or if they would be safe if anything (SHTF) bad happened. I concluded that we were grossly unprepared and our family’s journey began.

I am a list maker so the first thing I did was make a list of what I needed for my family to have just two month’s worth of supplies (food, water, soap, toothpaste …). Once finished I looked at my list and then at my checkbook, I am a father of six with a stay at home wife, and I quickly got over whelmed and then I panicked. After a few days I got brave enough to broach the subject with my wife and we figured out where the disposable income needed would come from. Like most of you, the economy has not been good to me. I have not had a real raise in years and the price of everything keeps going up, even while the government is telling us there is no noticeable appreciation.

My wife came up with the idea of prepping in little bits and watching it all add up. We spent one evening going over our budget and found ways to save money. I cut out my bi-weekly trip to Starbucks, started taking lunch to work a few day a week. We even cut out some of our soda habit and we realized we could easily find $10 a week to put towards our preps, and that is what we did.

You will not believe what $10 can buy until you really start paying attention. Here are just a few things you can get from a discount store like Family Dollar or Dollar General:

Rice (3 lb. bag) $1.69 – you can store 5 bags for $8.45
Dried beans (1.5 lb. bag) $1.99 – 5 bags = $9.95
Sugar (4 lb. bag) $2.39 – 4 bags = $9.95
Toothpaste $1.79 a tube – 5 tubes = $8.95
Kraft Easy Mac (2.05 oz. container) $1.00 – 10 containers = $10

The list goes on and on. Again I can’t say it enough that you can quickly store lots of supplies for as little as $10 a week. When we found a big item we wanted we would just save our $10 weekly prepping money until we could afford to buy the item. I think the first big item we got was a propane burner. In just a few weeks we had the money needed.

The key is to be consistent and disciplined and make that $10 purchase every week. In just a few months into your prepping journey you will be amazed at what you’re accomplishing. Then at the end of the first year you will look into your prepper closet and feel a lot better about your preparedness.

Once you get the basics of prepping started, you will quickly start doing things like gardening, canning your own food, seed saving and other inexpensive prepping activities that will quickly increase your safety and preparedness.

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  1. I so agree that this can be done. I have been buying the 10 for $10.00 at our grocery store for my grown son who has 4 kids. The economy has not been good to them either. This is a small way that I can help them to stock up. It really adds up over a years time and I don’t miss $10 at all.

    1. You are a great mom helping your kids.

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  3. Another thing that you could look into that would help stretch the 10.00 budget would be to add a garden to the mix. They are next to free and in a good year can augment the food supplies, create a skillet that will never leave you. And instill some sustainability.
    The other upside is that anything that is offset from the food budget becomes disposable. It can then be applied to other areas with shortcomings.

    Great blog. I enjoyed the post

    1. Great comment! Thanks!

      1. I’m trying to do it on $5 week. One roll toilet paper @ .69,toothpaste on sale $1,,same with tuna,mac cheese,cambells chunky soup $1.70 on sale and so forth. Sometimes we have to use what I saved but we’re trying on what little i make.

      2. Anything is better than doing nothing. You are preparing and that is the important thing.

  4. if you have an LDS Cannery near you you can buy your beans for much less money. has a current price list and will show you where the canneries are located.

      1. The best thing about the cannery food is it is packed in #10 cans with oxygen absorbers to keep it fresh. You can buy a lid to use on the can when you open it for a dime and I have used mine for years.

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