Getting Started – Prepping To Be Self Sufficient

By:  Alec Sharp (Palmetto Prepper)

I put together a qucik checklist for new preppers.  I have had several people ask me what do I need to get started, so I put this together as a quick list for the newbie.

  1. LED Flashlight
  2. Batteries – 10 for every item
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Water – two ways to purity water
  5. Fire – two ways to start
  6. Food
    1. 20 lbs rice
    2. 20 lbs dried beans
    3. 20 can fruit
    4. 20 cans vegetables
    5. 20 cans meat
    6. 2 cans peanut butter – large
    7. 2 containers of Tang – large
    8. 2 bags flour
    9. 1 bag sugar
    10. 1 bag salt
    11. 1 bag oats (rolled)
    12. 1 gallon Olive Oil
  7. Corded phone/Hand crank radio
  8. 100 % Wool Blanket – one for everyone
  9. Vitamin Supplements
  10. Ammo – 250 rounds for each weapon

2 responses

  1. Great List! I would add 10 gals of gas past a full tank if you have an auto.. I like this also as a limit list! This is the least you should keep on hand and if you fall below it is time to go lookin for stuff..

  2. Reblogged this on blogsavage and commented:
    Just a quick reblog from Palmetto Prepper. I think this is a great list, not overwhelming and a good limit list to never fall below if you are a big time prepper. When you think in these minimums you will know when to start looking for supplies before it gets too desperate. I am adding this list to my prep book!

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